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For years, I played football. For years I had trouble in school. For Years I had trouble breaking through to the next level of economic growth. Were they related? According to Dr. Daniel Amen, the foremost expert on brain development, it appears as YES!

That weekend we had lunch together and he invited me to his clinic. I asked Dr. Amen ( author of the New York Times best seller of Change your Brain, Change your Body) If he would do the forward on my new book. ” Ron Kardashian’s 30 second Solution.” and if my theory was correct.

He shocked me by his statement,saying.

” Ron, not only are you correct, but the brain gets better when it has exercises that make it better.” I thought to myself- Prolific, but simplistic.

I visited his clinic in New Port Beach and he stuck a brain cap on my head with about a gazillion wires coming out of it.

My brain had indicted an injury that may have occurred from anyone of the high risk lifestyles I had over 20 years ago. ( Football, car accidents, drug use, running into something with my head in general.)

I asked the Doctor, ” Could these injuries have stayed with me that long.” His reply was an astonishingly YES!

My first thought- “That explains everything:) ” As we joked and smiled about it.

Here’s the powerful news. He went on to say, and I quote from the very pages what he wrote. ( So honored that he did)

” IF you put into practice Ron Kardashian’s 30 second solution it will help you develop new brain pathway  that will enhance impulse control, focus, and forethought. ….You can actually enhance the actual physical function of the brain, including the pre-frontal cortex.” ….He goes on to say,

“The pre-frontal cortex is the front third of the brain and it is considered the brains executive center….when it works right ( GET THIS) people follow through on their goals despite challenges and obstacles.”

When he said this our entire coaching company changed its direction to one of getting people unstuck and educated on their VERY OWN personal strengths.
We actually have a tool that we developed, combined with some other very powerful tools that will pinpoint the areas of a persons life that are holding them back. Some of my clients are saying this is an answer to pray, research, desire, longing, passion, years of questioning…However it can be said. We assess in 5 areas ( Cognitive-Mental, Physical, Financial, Emotional even Spiritual) The assessment are then complete by taking a very High Level online profile in the privacy of ones home or office. When the assessment is completed we give the individual a very detailed report on paper or sent via email. The benefits outweighs the cost specifically when it comes to hiring new executives or new people. People have reports the various benefits:

  • “In a Matter of SECONDS I found the power and the problem.” – CF, Canada.
  • “I discovered my absolute strengths and weaknesses.” – CM. Dallas, TX.
  • Your personal ranking in the 24 behavioral traits.
  • The boundaries that may or may not be holding you back.
  • The reason why you have been struggling with self control
  • Getting healthy and loosing weight.
  • What your spouse should know about you, to work a better relationship.
  • How to move into your passion ( What is holding you back from doing that)
  • How your company moves out of its current income bracket. ( management team screening.)
  • Maybe your in the wrong department, but the right Company.
  • Are you an executive spinning your wheels on trying to find the right solution. Find the right strength first.
  • The areas that are causing you to stay stuck. How to use them more proficiently.
  • The reason your not making more money.

For Employers:

  • Find out if you have hired the right people.
  • Are they lying?
  • How to get them to work 10x smarter and not harder.
  •  Invest in your employees and they will feel more valued and happier naturally increasing performance.

The question is:  Do you know your cognitive strengths? Do you know the strengths of those around you?

  • *If you or someone you know is interested in the High Level Coaching assessments  or the programs we offer.  Please call anytime to schedule an appointment: 310.984.6907.

*Assessment (s)are priced accordingly- dependent on volume and size of company. 

Because of the high volume of interest and demand- we are going to be starting Training Classes via Webinar’s on “How to get unstuck and breakthrough to the life you have always dreamed of.” ( 8 sessions 40 min each). The classes are directed for corporate teams and individuals who are interested in breaking through the boundaries and obtaining new levels of success. ( the assessments are a separate service)

Webinar’s are $299.  2 month program. Only 200 slots available. So please be watchful for when they go on sale.

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