Modern day Leadership Secrets over 30 years old!

King 3

“Everyone has the power for greatness — not for fame,

but greatness, because greatness is determined by service.”  MLK, Jr.

  “Emancipate” is not a word we use among leadership or Forbes 500 lists,  but its meaning is the very backbone of what great leadership stands. According to Webster’s Emancipate holds the meaning: to free from restraint, control, or the power of another; especially:  to free from bondage.

On this day, we observe Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s birth as a National Holiday, we at our company stand in agreement and honor what Dr. King stood for – and what his organization still stands for to this day.  His great leadership secrets were wrapped as a legacy minded man who refused to compromise. He kept God first, never spoke ill-mannered about others, made love and honor his foundation, and gave stunningly steadfast messages on emancipation for all.

 Since the 20th of January 1986, Dr. Martin Luther King’s legacy has been recognized as a Holiday reminding us of the kind of leader he was and the permanent impact he made on society. Dr. King’s type of leadership and his inspirational messages can speak to all, transcending the color of skin, background or creed. He taught us that no man or woman should be forced to live under bondage of any kind and that we all deserve to live FREE!

 In our corporation, we teach and coach others to do the same. We coach that success it  is breaking free from limitations. In so doing- today, focus and ask yourself what kind of legacy would you like to leave behind if you weren’t limited in your success? What would you like your inscription to read on a wall?  What services are you or your company rendering to make mankind a better place. ( this could even be tecknology)

Perhaps today you feel as if you aren’t free.  We would like to encourage you that you do not have to live in confinement any longer! Dr. King made a choice. A choice to live in mediocrity or to live FREE. His message is one where we adapt a mindset of freedom. Free from fears of failure,  freedom from others or freedom to live out our dreams. This is achieved by putting on characteristics like a KING. Honor, Dignity, Kindness, Humility, making wisdom your aim. This is the year to focus on the hero in you! We believe that 2014 is your year, and that it is going to be your best year yet! This is the year to make it your priority to break through whatever it is that has been holding you back!

While only a handful of people might be seeing what you are currently doing, the most important one – God – can see it all! Never be ashamed of who you are.

Hold honor as the foundation of your business, and life. Believe in you! We are confident that not only will others see you as legacy driven, like Dr. King but you will also PROVE that freedom can RING, and that it can ring inside of you and me.

Ron Kardashian.