Study proves your body fat is holding back your brain…Outperform the rest!

Building your belly and building your business….


In a recent study performed by Georgia Regents University, researchers found a chemical in a mouse’s brain produced by FAT that actually made them mentally slower:

In a recent study, conducted by researchers at Georgia Regents University, the blood of obese mice had especially high levels of a chemical called interleukin 1, a substance born from fat cells that can cause inflammation. When the researchers later examined the obese mice brains, they found that interleukin 1 had passed the blood-brain barrier–something that normally should not be possible. The substance had seeped into the hippocampus, an area responsible for memory and learning. The mouse brains also had high levels of inflammation and low levels of a biochemical important to synapse function (synapses ensure messages travel efficiently between neurons). Upon removing fat from the obese mice in a mini-liposuction procedure, the critters scored highly on the same thinking and memory tests they struggled with previously, and the interleukin 1 virtually disappeared from their bloodstreams. When the researchers put fat pads inside thin mice, those previously svelte rodents started doing worse than they had previously on cognitive tests. – Your Fat is Why You Are Not As Bright As You Could Be, Fast Company 

It is hard for us to imagine having “fat on the  brain” but that is exactly what these mice had fat that seeped into their brains keeping them from functioning at optimum levels. The article goes on to explain how after the “fat mice” control group went through mini-liposuction their cognitive abilities increased! They began acting as their thinner more energetic counterparts! And guess what happened when their svelte mice buddies in Control Group B were given fat injections to the brain? THEY BECAME SLOW! Don’t worry, the “fat mice” were put on exercise machines and yes – they LOST weight and increased in their mental capabilities. But what I also want to turn your attention to the power of running your company or starting your dream company. These too have a major effect on you if in fact  you know your out of shape.  While it’s not a deal beaker, the point and power is to know you can and will outperform your competition when in fact you feel better physically and your brain is not weighed down.

The brain


While researching the effects of “fat on the brain” in regards to humans, I began to wonder about the effects obesity might have on the ultimate test takers… OUR next world leaders- OUR CHILDREN*. Who takes more cognitive tests regularly then kids? Shockingly, you wouldn’t believe what I found!

“Feelings of sadness, loneliness or anxiety in and of themselves may get in the way of school performance,” Hashim says. “It may be more difficult to pay attention. These kids may be less likely to ask a question.” (BUT) Social and emotional problems may not be the whole story, however. It’s also possible that some of the well-documented health problems associated with childhood obesity — such as asthma, diabetes, and sleep disorders — may interfere with schoolwork or cause kids to miss class time, Gable says. For example, she says, an obese child “who also has sleep apnea may not be getting adequate-quality sleep at night, which could be interfering with the learning process.”

Even more insidiously, excess weight or physical inactivity might sap a child’s brainpower at the cellular level, by causing inflammation and other harmful biological processes, says Robert Siegel, M.D., director of the Center for Better Health and Nutrition, a pediatric obesity clinic at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. “Obesity affects virtually every organ system in the body, including the brain,” Siegel says. “It’s an inflammatory state, and that may have effects on the developing mind.” CNN, Does Obesity Affect School Performance?


If you are feeling tired, sluggish, and know deep down that your this issue may be holding you back – you can TAKE ACTION! You can get physically moving and get SMART about what you eat. You can decide today to improve your abilities by taking care and “cutting the fat”! I believe in you! If researchers could put mice on treadmills and with weight loss, they could see immediate improvement in a mouses ability to think straight… so can you! To help you get started, here are my Ten Nutritional Commandments of Weight Loss (pg 260, Getting in Shape God’s Way)

Ten Nutritional Commandments for Weight Loss

  1. Eat a solid breakfast. Drink a hot cup of water with lemon every other morning.Fitness Expert
  2. Reduce your calories by 200 every week if you’re not loosing weight. The average weight loss that will result is .5 to 1.0 pound of body fat per week.
  3. Watch out for all sugars. Studies show that the average American consumes 150 pounds of sugar every year. That’s what keeps the belly fat around.
  4. Eat small meals every three to four hours, in what is called learning to graze.
  5. Increase your daily water intake.- It cures bloating overnight:)
  6. Eat raw, whole foods, which are micronutrient-dense food.
  7. Pray every day to reduce your stress levels. Cortisol is increased with higher levels of stress and can keep excess body fat around your belly.
  8. No late-night eating. Cut off food consumption two to three hours before bedtime. Replace bedtime snacks with water or sparkling water.
  9. Monitor your carbs-breads, rice, cereals, pasta, crackers, chips, and all foods made with white flour and sugar. In fact, if you want to loose weight fast-Avoid them.
  10. Absolutely no fast food!

*Sadly, researchers have also seen affects in slower cognitive learning in children who are born to women who were obese pre-pregnancy. Our state affects all of those around us.  Study Shows Link Between Prepregnancy Obesity and Lower Child Test Scores, Ohio State University

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