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50% of your brain is dedicated to vision, and people who do not have a vision (or cause) can be easily misled and abused. In order to have a lasting vision you must have a defined cause. Your cause is the center of your life and if you don’t have a cause you won’t have long lasting vision. In order to feel on target, first ask yourself what is it that I value?- then CHOOSE, and watch the Change that takes place! 

THE #30secsolution EXPANDED

According to Dr. Daniel Amen, in Change Your Body- Change Your Body, 50 percent of your brain is dedicated to vision. People with no vision are easily misled and often abused. I like to call abuse “abnormal use.” These types of people are usually sold on the largest and greatest business idea or product. They jump the gun without thinking it through. If you could clarify what life will look like at the end of your life or how you want it to look years from now, you will save you a lot of money, heartache, and time. That’s the beauty of a vision: it’s yours! That is why having a vision is so important! You can envision anything and everything you aspire or desire. And when you do-miracles happen, and they happen in seconds! The word vision in Hebrew is hazon, meaning both “to see” and “coming into being.” Thus, vision is your ability to see the end from the beginning. Webster’s Dictionary states that vision is “the ability to perceive something not actually visible.” It’s somewhat morbid, but sometimes I ask my clients what they would like their obituary to read:

  • Loved people
  • Was kind-hearted
  • Built  a company that employed thousands and helped the world
  • Gave to charity
  • Loved God and honored people
  • Respected his family
  • Raised children who excelled and were respected

When you envision your cause, you can set forth an action plan so you will know how to activate your cause, using your purpose and vision to guide you to make it happen. The problem is that very few tap into this amazing power. I have heard experts say that having a mission or vision statement written down is almost like magic. It’s not magic; it’s a law. You owe it to yourself to have a plan for your life. You may already have a mission or vision, but I am going to challenge you to enlarge it, make it bigger, or fine-tune it. Coaching is an ability to help others become bigger and stronger. Here is a graphic illustration to remind you of how critical your cause is in shaping the values, mission, and vision for your life.

Vision Chart

Grab your cause and place it in the center of your life.


Notice that your cause is in the middle. Your cause in life is vital to fulfilling your mission and vision. If you have not found your cause yet, don’t worry-put down what you think it may be. A cause asks this key  question: what are you ongoing to do in life with all your heart and soul?

In proper order; you must first identify your cause. Identifying your cause will empower you to defy problems that sneak up on you unexpectedly. Remember this phrase: “Identify to defy.” Say it over and over again. Your cause is supported by your values, which is why I have put them at the top. What you value, you will literally die for.


Having a cause is a secret source to fuel your confidence. Coaching everyone from stay-at-home-business moms to corporate giants and pro athletes has shown me that no matter who you are or what you have done, everyone needs confidence and the power to persevere to be a success, Nothing gives you confidence like having your values wrapped around your cause.

Let’s focus on what you value. You need this to think right, speak with confidence about your cause, and act with precision. Recognizing what means the most to you in life is vital to seeing your life success in any area. If you don’t have values, you will find it very hard to achieve your cause, and for that matter, to fullfill any mission or vision you have. Think of your values as the essence or support beams of your being.


Finally, your values express to the world – and yourself – what you truly hold dear in your life. What do you value? What is it that your company values? If your just starting a company or you aspire to be an entrepreneur, then identifying your values now will solidify your success. Here are some examples of values from people all over the world: family, career, God, making money, personal development, wife or husband, sex, organic eating, exercise or sports, humanitarian service. Do any of these resonate with you?

Loving yourself should be a value. If you don’t love you, who will? I understand that from time to time we get wonderful, beautiful people in our lives who believe in us more than we believe in ourselves. But when they’re not around, you may begin beating yourself up again. You must place value on yourself to validate yourself.


Whether you are in the process of making lifelong decisions or quick decisions, you must make your values line up with your cause. Otherwise, they will just be lip service and not heart service. What I mean by this is that real transformation begins in the mind but sinks twelve inches to your heart where the real power is. Your values should be so deep in your heart that you don’t even think about them in your conscious mind. Whatever you’re doing in life, if you do it with “all your heart,” you’re going to ultimately get greater satisfaction out of whatever it is you are doing. Why do anything in life that you’re unhappy about or not completely satisfied with?!


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