LOVE 101: 3 powerful insights that contribute to inner peace and BIG SUCCESS.

3 Insights overlooked buy business leaders worldwide.

3 Insights overlooked buy business leaders worldwide.

LOVE 101: 3 powerful insights that contribute to inner peace and big success.

When I first walk into coach an individual or organization, I watch how they talk to, talk about, and treat others. Then I go to dinner with them and there significant others. ( If my client is male, his wife is his resume. Vice-versa) This is the main catalyst that either contributes to massive growth or over time begins to eat it away. ( Physically, mentally, emotionally or financially)

I used to believe the correct way to “love” someone was all about actions. How can I love more, how can I be kinder, how can I be more perfect in my love? My ideas in regards to the “How To’s” of love were way off.

To me, loving was all about actions and doing stuff. It wasn’t until I began meditating on what love really means – a shift began to change in my life. As I began to explore “true love” (instead of what love does or doesn’t do) I found no greater definition then what’s written in the ancient scriptures of the Bible and it has become a cornerstone and guideline to keep my company and my personal life in flow. 1 Corinthians 13 says it best:

“Love is patient, love is kind, it’s not jealous, angry, boastful, proud or rude.” –
WOW! All areas in my quest for “perfect love” that I found myself continually falling flat on my face and failing miserably in.

Love is so much MORE than perfection, activity, stress and constant maintenance! Love means FREEDOM. Today I have written for you life transforming “secrets” designed to aid you if you are feeling bound and frustrated like I was or looking to experience abundant growth in your life and vision. Your ability to embrace the greatest force in the world, the freedom to love – and be loved – I believe will propel your life and success to new and much richer levels.

INSIGHT ONE – Exercise Patience and Kindness:

In this fast moving world we have a tendency to have a ” want it now” mentality and if people don’t move fast and grow faster we get frustrated. We demand them to do things fast, pay for things fast, execute fast, and even eat fast! From our children, to our clients, to our coworkers – there is NO limit to our demanding requests. Even in our places of employment, we expect break neck speed!

The first key to living in this model of “true love” with freedom and with power is to exercise restraint. To be patient and recognize that not everyone has arrived yet. Not everyone knows what you know, or has been through what you have experienced. This great lesson moves kindness into a level of humility and “empathy” for other people that quite frankly will need GOD in the picture. It calls us to identify with others and stops the pressures of a “my way or the high way” kind of living.

I first started exercising this type of kindness while driving, whenever I was cut off, or when I felt cars weren’t moving fast enough. I trained myself to put the brakes on in my mind, my heart and my thoughts and would say to myself “Maybe that person is having a difficult day, or maybe there is an emergency. I’m going to exercise self restraint and be kind and patient while I drive, by backing off.” ( it really did not matter if they were right or wrong- my place is to exercise restraint yielding an inner growth and power that comes only with continual good choices.)

INSIGHT TWO – Exercise avoiding jealousy, anger, boastfulness, pride, fullness of self, and flat out being rude.

I’m the first one to admit I have failed in everyone of these categories. I have been guilty of all of these unflattering attributes and I am still strength training this love muscle. The best way I can keep these actions in check is to always go back to secret number one and work on being more patient and kind.

In order to accurately walk in love, we must make a commitment to grow ( which is not overnight) in love daily, bettering our best. It’s not love it first sight – it’s love that matures and develops overtime. This is the correct consciousness. Be patient with yourself, (DON’T RUSH!) as you’re learning to walk in a dimension of control keep at the forefront of your mind the old Golden Rule, to “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” How you treat others determines the way you will be treated and ultimately is a reflection of the kind of person you are. We all show our true colors and don’t need others to do it for us. If you practice this- studies show the brain gets stronger and stronger in the realm of decision making, hence we get better at it. ( My new book has some good science about this if your interested):

INSIGHT THREE – Exercise believing for the best and hoping for the best in others. ( and, yourself:)

This last coaching insight might be one of the most difficult. Perhaps at times in the past you have had relationships with people who let you down, or were placed into circumstances by others that hurt you. The most important and powerful overall wealth generating “love tool” you can possess is found in your ability to chose to remember the days and years of your past not as permanent disabilities – but instead as bad decisions based on the knowledge you had at the time or the limited knowledge others had at the time. Maybe, they did not know of a better way. But the power of letting go of issues of the past and turning those memories into building foundations for the person you are today will help you realize how much you have grown and matured. ( Its your own personal test you can use to gauge your love growth)


Just as you have matured, begin to see other people as being in the growing process. If you see someone struggling, help them develop, and/or encourage them gently in the desire to move forward, never returning to those prisons again.

I have made it my entire career to believe for the best in people, helping them to succeed. My job is never to judge others for the decisions they make, it’s my job is to judge myself and move on from there. The greatest benefit of adhering to these “three secrets” is the public strength you will find by attracting others to you by practicing a freed love based in not judging others. (its amazing how freed-up you live)

Walking non-judgmentally and in a spirit of humility, always remembering where you came from – by the grace of God – is absolutely pivotal for doing big business, growing your companies, organizations, ministries and most importantly your family. Let’s walk it out together.

-A work in progress.

Coach Ron.

Please let me know how I may serve you or your vision.