Pause-Cause-Rhythm: The Successful Pulse of Living with Great Contentment


Have you paused for the cause? We often view the cause in life as temporary and action vs. reaction. What did I do or not do to “cause” this event or miss this opportunity? But did you know that there’s a greater cause that can and should guide every day of your life? Ultimately, a cause that exists that only you can accomplish and fulfill! One that drives your unlimited success, and if you allow it, your life can be centered on and fueled by the powerful rhythm of this cause.

What’s the cause, Coach Ron? It’s actually quite simple, but you literally have to pause for it. It takes 30 seconds not only to realize the cause for your life, but throughout each day, to focus and ensure that your actions and decisions are always aligning with making the cause possible. What are you doing or not doing that you desire to do? What positive action and purpose do you believe is necessary for your life? Remember – this is often larger than a job choice or even a hobby – it’s your passion, drive, and dedication.

In my book, The 30-Second Solution, I explain how learning and knowing your cause in life is critical for your confidence. And let’s not forget that confidence is vital for achieving greatness and building long-term success. Think about it: how can you be unsure and confident? And how can you truly succeed while wrestling with fear and uncertainty?

The lack of confidence is the root of fear, and fear can only exist where the cause is not evident. Take 30 seconds now to think about the amazing cause for your life. It may help to ask yourself what do you value more than anything, as your values must be high enough to be the pinnacle of your cause. Family? Relationships? Money? Technology?

Than, what did you discover? A soon as you know with certainty your cause and/or your values, you’re closer than ever before to discovering your personal rhythm, which is directly connected to and in sync with your cause. You see – your cause has to align with your rhythm – the heartbeat of your life’s ultimate purpose. While 30 seconds is the same amount of time regardless of how to time it, the method that works best for you could actually be your rhythm.

How did you feel during those 30 seconds of thinking about your cause and values? When you know that feeling, you’ve discovered a powerful internal resource – rhythm. This feeling within you can help you and allow you to refocus whenever you need direction and to ensure you’re making the right decision at the right time. Our world is so fast paced and driven, but you can’t rush and risk losing your rhythm or missing your cause. Can you sense the beat? Listen for the rhythm. The cause is there.

From My Heart to Your Success,

Coach Ron.

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