MOUTH TECHNOLOGY: The way the Mouth Establishes your Life’s Rhythm & Attracts Success. ( Or Not?)

Ron Kardashian

Words have power and the ability to create your Rhythm of Success or


Much like your computer or smartphone, your brain is updating millions of pieces of information daily. But if you don’t know how to use your smartphone, let alone your brain-growth, how can you really know what it’s capable of doing? Everyone else can claim that it’s a technological advancement, but only after you investigate it for yourself do you understand its true purpose and value. If you don’t understand the device, not only will you mishandle it, but you could also damage or destroy a great tool. Your life is like that device.

Here is something you already know!  No two people work a device, computer, instrument or power tool the same way. No matter the goal, we each have a rhythm when using these things that makes us unique and powerful. The question I get as an Executive Coach is, “How does one continue to recognize that rhythm and parlay it into other areas of life?” My response is usually with another question: “What were you created to do?”  I often remind my clients/thinkers that when a creation of a “thing” or “things” is not known, destruction is inevitable. As a culture, we tend to destroy what we don’t understand. What I want you to turn your attention to is that we were all born to fulfill passions and create something that never existed before. (Yes, if for nothing else, you are creating YOU!)

Nothing that has ever been created happened without first a thought, and then, at some point, those thoughts became spoken words. The Ancients held the book of Genesis and denoted that God’s voice itself created the universe by words, “Then God said…” (Uni: ONE. Verse: Word=One Word. No literal reference, but interesting none-the-less.) This rhythm, from thoughts to speaking, is founded in words, which are the foundation for creativity. The words we speak are alive; they are living and they are containers. You get to fill them up with faith or fear, joy or hate, wealth or poverty, compassion or flat emptiness. They begin as thoughts, the first part of the rhythm, and take on another movement once they are spoken. Imagine how the words you’ve heard from others have encouraged you or changed the rhythm of your mood, day, and sometimes, even your life(mind you, in a matter of seconds). Then, consider depression. Those deeply afflicted lose the desire to speak. Without even knowing it, like a silent disease, they have become paralyzed to speak, ask for help, and have lowered and slowed down the rhythm for their language, which is governing all life. If you’re hungry for life’s finest and are compelled to achieve your destiny, then you know how important it is to speak words of truth and the dreams of your heart so that you can activate the rhythm of life and eventually fulfill your destiny.

If you did not know how powerful this is, flash back to the last time you were verbally abused, bashed, bullied, or lied to. I have had my share of all of these and on both sides. I have felt the pain of knowing, without the shadow of a doubt, that my mouth was my problem, and I had to have a major wake-up call that my mouth was created to speak life. If I did not know how to use, it would be best to keep it closed. Today I choose to speak LIFE over myself, my family, clients, friends, surroundings, and even those who would speak wrongly of me. At one point in my life, I did not have any respect for myself; as a result, my mouth reflected it. What we often overlook, when we’re the one inflicting, we’re the one proving our own ignorance. In the end it was the slander who is stained with the bad reputation. My Italian mother was right: If you have noting good to say, don’t say it at all. I wish she would have finished that proverb, “If you don’t son, in the end, it reflects that you’re the one with the limitations. For me, my existence on this earth is only about 36,000 days. And I want to give it and everything my absolute best.  I believe I was created to set people free, to bring life to your world. I was designed to lift the curse off humanity – that’s why I no longer curse humanity. Knowing your purpose helps monitor your thoughts and words. If your words fall short or become inconsistent with your purpose or rhythm (of which we all mess up, we’re human), you must quickly learn how to reboot your rhythm!: (My new bookJ.)

Your life is no different. We have all been given two ears and one mouth. We, like our smartphones, must be smart and download and update our mental technology to become a better performer. When you get ahold of this “update,” your life explodes– almost overnight!! Speak the words that are close to your purpose. Understanding your existence establishes your words and sets your rhythm in life.

HOW, Coach Ron? You must make the time to find your rhythm with the Creator of your body, which is essential to isolating and optimizing your life’s purpose. You do this with your words, especially those that we confess in prayer. Prayer has a rhythm. It is the full expression of humility and faith, and even the slightest, most private whisper to God creates a rhythm, calms you with peace, and encourages you to fulfill dreams that once seemed impossible. Adjust your rhythm to hear the words of your Creator, and allow those words to become to the words that you speak.

You’ll know the right words by how they change your life and the lives of others. The words in Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech still speak to us today, as they will for generations to come. Your words can impact your family, your children, your job, and eventually, the world. In a matter of seconds, you may just discover a new rhythm hit your life and unlock the success you have always dreamed of.    #30secsolution.  #AskCoachRon

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