Three Rules to Remove Limiting Beliefs


Feelings such as fear, discouragement, bitterness, anger tend to stop your creativity. The pain of these feelings swell underneath the clothes we wear and the masks we put on everyday. They flood the environment in which we live, creating loss. They affect your clients. They affect your workers. They affect your family. They harm your health. However, when you read articles like this a new rhythm begins to form within you and you begin beating to a new drum. This sound attracts those who understand the inner working of these thoughts – what they are, how they come about and how they can be changed – and so you begin the process of growth in your business, health and relationships.


People think their thoughts show ‘reality’. But actually reality comes from the photograph process center in our brains.  The subconscious mind has an amazing power to store things on autopilot. It inherits thought patterns – both positive and negative – that make us think certain things about life that in reality are not necessarily true.  These images come from what our culture has taught us. They come from our parents, our teachers, and our experiences.

Teachings and experiences from the past have tweezed our brain – think of silly-putty – into a mind that sees the outside in a certain way. The way we think about ourselves, others, our life, our goals – each of these have been fed into us by people who were important to us and by events in the past. At times, these teachings may not have been based on truth and as a result these experiences and teachings  – that are now your brain images –  will try to sabotage your day. We may catastrophize because our mind tells us that we’re going to be poor and that poor hurts. Or we may yell and react a certain way because that’s how one of our parents corrected us. (From time to time, Tia and I will look at each other and say, “Oh no, that sounds just like my father  [or my mother]!” I am constantly reminding my clients that it’s the “Root that determines the fruit.”)

These three suggestions will help you uproot the old system.

  1. Cultivate an attitude of passion and hospitality – You rarely hear the word ‘hospitality’ used today outside of places such as hospitals, restaurants, and customer service. ‘Hospitality’ is the seed that is sown from a heart that passionately planted in serving others while it leads them into better pastures. In modern day terms, this is the spirit of  the “servant leader.” In one hand, you have the ability to serve others. With the other hand, you have the ability to lead. One hand cannot work alone because then it fails. It’s only when both hands passionately work together that you get hospitality.
  1. Prioritize values – So many of our values come from external sources – our society, culture, the media – and they’ve meshed into the way we see the world. One of my greatest challenges has been to wonder which of these values are really mine, which makes sense or may harm me and which helps me. A value is defined as “usefulness or importance.” At the same time, I realize that my time is finite; that my life is short; that I have to prioritize on  certain values. I coach my elite level thinkers,  to impose order on ‘values’ – to make one focus in my life more ‘valuable’ than the others. To decide which they want to choose.

For years I used to value my cars. My children would smear them and I’d get upset. One day my wife said very lovingly, “If you would put half as much value into the other areas of your life as you’re doing to your beautiful car- we’ve got it made!” It took me 30 seconds to realize she’s right.

Make your family the priority, make your integrity your priority, make things that you would die for your values, not just things that are fleeting, that rust and decay.

Think legacy! Think eternity! Think helping mankind!

When I prioritize, I am working from a internal mindset that deflects fears because it is focusing on ‘real value’. Fears disappear and my business, personal and family life improve.

  1. Exercise Diligence – Perseverance. Reliance. Stick-with-itness. The ancient proverb says: “The hand of the diligent leads to plenty.” Diligence is the secret weapon to your existence, your persistence, and to overcoming difficulties. Rhymes? Of course it does! It makes sense because the origin of that proverb explains diligence as a tool, and sees it as a sharp one at that. It advises people to dig a ditch around a city, like a moat or a ravine that protects. Diligent people are protected. Focusing on your ‘values’ makes you stronger. Your blade stays sharp!!

When you focus on pursuing your goals, something shifts in your life. (I’m reminded of a new client of mine who persisted through a brain hemorrhage). This diligence starts in the gut where unlimited power is made available to you and you say: “I refuse to lose this game!” Ask the cancer patient who was given six months to live and is now 16-years old! Ask the AIDS patient who refused to die. Ask the executive leader born in the inner-city who was told over and again that he’d fail. Today, he leads government and Fortune 500 companies!

When you apply yourself to diligence, nothing can stop you. It is a state of self-realization where your mission and vision gain strength as you focus on what is YOURS. And realization results in manifestation. And this, my friends, is a powerful force that will help you keep fear, anxiety, worry about the future at bay. The more you focus on this, the more your brain becomes used to staying happily productive in all areas of your life.

I’ve used these three ways so many times for helping myself and people whom I coach. I call it “Business Physiology”.

Most times we can’t change the externals without changing the internal.

I say this from my own life: I may be the coach – but I’m also a client who is living proof of the fact that these three rules have helped me push away harmful thoughts.

Your Coach