How understanding the power of Lactate Threshold can help any Executive avoid burnout?

Unless you are a true athlete there is a good chance you will have never heard of the lactate threshold.  To summarize, it is an athlete’s peak performance measurement tool used to measure the exact moment before they crash and burn.  Here are a few parallels that will assist any high performance go-getter avoid burnout.

Years in corporate America, kids homeschooling, kids sports, spin class from home, and now an international pandemic, or maybe you are limited in what you want to accomplish but are unable to because of upper management, or have you simply given up! It’s no wonder you’re feeling pain points and are at the point of a crash and burn.  

 #1 Use Instruments for precision: Much like reading lactic acid through a heart rate monitor, my early years at the NFL and NBA helped define the upper limit of an athletes training and competition so the more work they could perform before reaching their maximum threshold. The same is true by you using a journal or a note app on your smartphone. Track progress, ask yourself questions, take a cognitive assessment on your brain strengths. You keep asking yourself, how could this have happened, what did I do to make this my new reality?  It can happen to all of us in many ways. For me, it was going against a conviction, one little compromise which turns into a string of constant compromises, addictions, worrying about so much especially during these uncertain times. But at the end of the day when my senses failed me, My journal, my bible and my mentors allowed me to turn to the raw real emotions I was feeling..and guess what? They never lied!

#2 Use a professional, a coach or at very least a friend. 

Professional athletes for decades have had one thing in common. Coaches! They have a constant third eye perspective to observe them, in this case, their “lactate threshold” as a measure of efficiency and fitness to maintain the power and speed they need without crossing the threshold. A good executive coach will do the same thing for you- Keep you in the game- avoiding burnout and make life transitions so much smoother. They are monitoring your moves with an efficiency that monitors your life speed or your corporate speed so you don’t cross over your personal cognitive threshold. 

#3 Use proper nutrition and move your body.

This is where this concept gets very cool. Believe it or not, lactate is crucial for the brain and cognitive functioning. It is the main fuel source that neurons use. Well, your mind is the biggest and most powerful muscle you have and when it’s overworked, it fatigues the body the fastest. You can begin immediately and literally controlling your lactate funcion by staying hydrated, eating a clean diet and exercising. Cut back on the sweets, replace with fresh organic juices . Cut back on the caffeine, and substitute with a more high alkaline water, B-Vitamin complex, even hiring a nutritionist to get some blood work done. This brings you back to #1- Blood work is an instrument of measurement, a literal map to show you where your headed-UP  to down to burnout.

Like any other muscle in your body, the mind can be trained and built with new forms of endurance and performance. The more you train your mind, the better endurance it develops and the better results it produces. Understanding lactate threshold, especially during these trying times, will help you power through anything and everything. 

Maximizing abilities and gaining knowledge gives you and edge into understanding a plethora of diverse perspectives, incorporate ideas of others, motivate yourself daily, and welcome criticism when needed. Of which, are just some of the tools that incorporate the vision of the lactate threshold.  No one truly knows the exact potential that resides inside of them, until they have been given the tools to show what they are truly made of.  Life was designed for you to create it. Not wait for it to happen. You only have one life to live. Mite as well Live above the threshold. 

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Coach Ron Kardashian is the CEO of Le Confidant  and facilitates a thriving Executive coaching practice on three continents with their main headquarters in the Silicon Valley. The lactate threshold model is a powerful tool they use to help you acquire your maximum potential- preventing burnout.  It is an easy-to-follow plan that integrates into the busy lifestyle of most executives. They offer over the phone coaching, Zoom Coaching and private consulting for companies and teams to mitigate the risks of burnout.  Clients say, “  After collaborating with Coach Ron and his proven model and tools, we were able to see how much time and energy we were wasting on things that did not pertain to our goals….We are NOW on track and hitting goals we never thought possible…. 700% ROI !!