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This Rhythm of the Heart brings the real wealth…

These must have RHYTHM’s Shift your life (heart), like a sprinter accelerating off the starting line….

What’s The MOST POWERFUL thing in the WORLD? I’ll tell you…

  “TWITTER”  I usually get people’s attention when I type this word “ TWITTER.” Followed by the caption- “What’s The most Powerful thing in the World.” Experts in the advertising world are saying… Continue reading

VALUE will Drive you to Success IN SECONDS! #30SecSolution

(Enter a question here like, “Coach Ron, I don’t know what my cause is. I feel like I have no vision and I am just floating in outer space. Help”) #30secondsolution (This is… Continue reading

Modern day Leadership Secrets over 30 years old!

“Everyone has the power for greatness — not for fame, but greatness, because greatness is determined by service.”  MLK, Jr.   “Emancipate” is not a word we use among leadership or Forbes 500 lists, … Continue reading