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“30 Seconds is all she needed to get her answer…?”

Flying back from my conference in Hawaii, I found myself seated next to a woman who made me want to hug her. She told me that she had just buried her 60-year-old husband… Continue reading

This Rhythm of the Heart brings the real wealth…

These must have RHYTHM’s Shift your life (heart), like a sprinter accelerating off the starting line….

Pause-Cause-Rhythm: The Successful Pulse of Living with Great Contentment

Moving people and Companies from Great to Exceptional.

Study proves your body fat is holding back your brain…Outperform the rest!

OF MICE AND MEN In a recent study performed by Georgia Regents University, researchers found a chemical in a mouse’s brain produced by FAT that actually made them mentally slower: In a recent study, conducted by… Continue reading

Modern day Leadership Secrets over 30 years old!

“Everyone has the power for greatness — not for fame, but greatness, because greatness is determined by service.”  MLK, Jr.   “Emancipate” is not a word we use among leadership or Forbes 500 lists, … Continue reading

The Power of Reciprocity encourages people to give more.

How the Theory of Reciprocity Encourages People to Donate More http://simonmainwaring.com/community/how-the-theory-of-reciprocity-encourages-people-to-donate-more/